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2nd & 4th Mondays of the Month (except July & August)

7 pm

Classical Buddhist Foundation Practice [Ngöndro]

Loppon Jamyang Tsultrim is providing a new regular program on the second and fourth Monday evenings of each month (except July & August).  He is teaching the preliminary or foundation practices of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, known as Ngöndro.  To better prepare Nalanda students to receive maximal benefit from the visit of HH the Sakya Trizin in July, the pace of these teachings is accelerating.  Since we don't have time to enjoy a leisurely 'full meal' of learning, Geshe-La plans to offer at least a 'taste' of each practice by July.  Then in the fall we will return for for a review and figure out how we will integrate what we have learned into an ongoing regular practice at Nalanda (perhaps on some Monday evenings?).  If you think you may be interested, please check out the group to see if the 'tasting menu' appeals to your own practice interests.  Try it soon!

These sessions are appropriate for any level of student, provided you are interested in intense focus on these traditional Tibetan Buddhist practices.

Two practice texts for participants are available through Nalanda ($10 each), and one published book is recommended for participants to buy on their own: Turning Confusion into Clarity by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche (Snow Lion, about $25).

Thursday Evenings

7 pm
Courtesy of Mimi Williams

Training the Mind, Changing our Self

Chanting, Meditation, and Discussion

Geshe Jamyang Tsultrim's teaching focus this year is on training our minds.  On Thursday evenings we are using a format of chanting, meditation, and discussion to solidify our meditation skills (and change our selves!).  No reading assignments!  This practice features opening prayers, two 20 minute meditation sessions, two mantras, and a closing prayer.  That is followed by a discussion period intended to support attendees meditation and learning -- it forms around questions and comments of those in attendance.  These sessions are appropriate for any level of student.  If you have not been attending Thursdays, please come and check out these sessions to see if they advance your personal practice and life.  In addition to his first Thursday Dharma Teachings, Geshe-La plans to lead this group on the third Thursdays, with other weeks led by senior practitioners he has selected and trained.

Green Tara Group

2nd Sunday of each month
12:15 - 1:45 pm

Meditation, Music, Mantras, and Movement

The Tara Circle is a wonderful way to engage body, voice, and mind. Moving to recorded music, our Tara Circle learns hand mudras and movements to bring bliss and joy.  We move then we 'sit' for 20 minutes.

This practice follows the second Sunday 'Long Sits'.

For information, contact Kim Abbey at 206-387-6134 (phone or text).

The Nalanda Study Group

1st & 3rd Saturday of the Month
1 - 3 pm

You're Invited!

Come and try out this friendly ongoing book group, guided by Sonam Dorje.  Each book will be discussed at alternate sessions.  You may read either or both (and attend either 1st or 3rd Saturdays, or both as you choose).  Typically the group reads aloud, then discusses, so it's low pressure.  Books are not available through Nalanda.

1st Saturdays: The Sun of Wisdom by Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, a commentary on Nagarjuna’s Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way.

3rd Saturdays: Being Nobody Going Nowhere by Ayya Khema, contemporary clear, practical instruction on meditation and techniques for overcoming counterproductive mental habits and beliefs in our daily lives.

Extended Sitting

2nd Sunday of the Month
9 am

Long Meditation

Are you curious to try out longer meditation sessions?  Come to the monthly long sit, where the conditions are highly conducive to practice: you will be with other meditators and surrounded by a beautiful dharma center!  Mark your calendar for the second Sunday each month.

Bob Harris & Blaine Snow

Six Tuesdays, beginning
BuddhadisintegrateIII (Gold).Gavin McClure Tricycle

Spring Study Group

Bob Harris and Blaine Snow are hosting a discussion group over consecutive Tuesdays.  You don't have to attend every one because each week will discuss a different essay (range from 4 to 17 pages).  You can read each of these in your browser or download each:

Also, you may choose to download all six essays at once in a zip file.  After downloading click on the zip file and it will open as a folder with the 6 essays in that folder.

Sakya Monastery in Seattle

HE Dagmo Kusho200
Courtesy of

Her Emeninence Dagmo Kusho

Offers Refuge Ceremony

Here is an opportunity to go for refuge with one of the remarkable women leaders of the Sakya tradition. Her Eminence is one of the few remaining teachers trained in Tibet.  "Taking refuge is the first step on the Buddhist path to enlightenment.  Refuge is a ceremony during which a person formally becomes a Buddhist and receives a Dharma name.  This differs from the passive refuge one receives at an initiation."

The Refuge Ceremony is followed by a potluck lunch.  Sakya Monastery strongly recommends participating in Saturday classes the weeks before and after (4/21 and 5/3) at 8:30 am.

For more information or to sign-up, please call 206-789-2573 or email Sakya Monastery.

Gwinwood Retreat Center in Lacey

retreat logo 2016

Nalanda's Annual Retreat

Our annual meditation retreat is only 2 months away!  It's nearby -- on the shore of Hicks Lake in Lacey -- and a good chance to spend a few days on your Dharma well-being, outside the bustle of daily life.  Our main teacher will be the Venerable Khenpo Jampa Rinpoche (from Sakya Monastery), with our own precious teacher Loppon Jamyang Tsultrim offering translation support.  The sessions will support this year's theme "Training the Mind, Changing Our Self".  The retreat begins Friday afternoon (be there by 1:30 PM) and ends Sunday before lunch.  Retreat information and a registration form will be posted on, and paper copies will be in the Dharma Center.  Cost is $165.  This includes two days of teaching and practice, plus 5 meals and 2 nights accommodations.  Give yourself a vacation, and recharge your practice.

Retreat Registration and Information

Mark Your Calendar

spring & summer 2019 Events
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Courtesy of Mimi Williams

Loppon Jamyang Tsultrim Teaches at Sakya Monastery

June to be announced

At the invitation of Sakya Monastery in Seattle, Loppon Jamyang Tsultrim will be teaching at the Monastery on the beloved prayer, "The Aspiration of Samantabadhra".  This is a good chance to experience Sakya Monastery while hearing from our own beloved teacher.

Visit of His Holiness the 42nd Sakya Trizin to Nalanda


Plans are falling into place for this auspicious visit by the head of the Sakya Order. We'll be asking for volunteers soon, and I hope many people will join the efforts to make this a successful visit. Tentative events include:

  • Welcome Reception at Nalanda: Monday afternoon
  • Public Talk: Monday evening (open to community, targeted to general public--this one is still in negotiation)
  • Chakrasamvara Initiation: We are looking at a schedule of 2-6 PM on Tuesday July 9, and 2-8 or 9 PM on Wednesday July 10.  (NOTE: Participation the first day is required in order to attend the second day.)  We do not expect any prerequisite other than refuge, so this should be broadly accessible.  If you have not previously taken refuge formally, strongly consider attending HE Dagmo Kusho's refuge ceremony on 4/28 in Seattle [described above], or stay tuned for the likelihood that Loppon Jamyang Tsultrim will offer a refuge ceremony locally before July.
  • Departure Ceremony: Thursday

The initiation will require advance ticketing, so watch for email or the website.  We expect many out-of-town participants to sign up for the Chakrasamvara initiation.

3rd Annual North America Sakya Monlam for World Peace


This important event will take place at the Lynnwood Convention Center.  Nalanda expects to be involved!  A grand welcoming ceremony may be held on Thursday, July 11. More information as it approaches, but you can learn about last year's event here.



Selected Teachings from Nalanda

Some of Geshe Jamyang Tsultrim's teachings on the first Thursday of each month as well as teachings from Nalanda's Retreats are now available online at Talks.