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2nd & 4th Mondays of the Month (except July & August)

7 pm

Classical Buddhist Foundation Practice [Ngöndro]

Loppon Jamyang teaches on "Ngöndro", the preliminary or foundation practices of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, on the second and fourth Monday evenings of each month (except July & August).  This group may change into a Guru Yoga practice group after the Empowerments in July.  If you think Vajrayana practice may be in your future, please check out the group soon!

These sessions are appropriate for any level of student, provided you are interested in intense focus on these traditional Tibetan Buddhist practices.

Two practice texts for participants are available through Nalanda ($10 each), and one published book is recommended for participants to buy on their own: Turning Confusion into Clarity by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche (Snow Lion, about $25).

Thursday Evenings

7 pm
Courtesy of Mimi Williams

Training the Mind, Changing our Self

Chanting, Meditation, and Discussion

These sessions are appropriate for any level of student.  They are a good way to meet our founding teacher, Loppon (Geshe) Jamyang and other practitioners.  Every Thursday, all year, Nalanda has a 7 PM meditation featuring chanting, meditation and discussion.  Geshe Jamyang gives Dharma teachings on the 1st Thursdays (except Jul and Aug).  He also generally leads on the 3rd Thursdays, while senior practitioners lead on other weeks (and when Geshe-la takes his summer break).  Weekly discussion periods after the closing dedication prayer intended to support attendees meditation and learning - they form around questions and comments of those in attendance.

First Thursday Dharma Teachings are inspiring overviews of Buddhist topic.  This year the focus is on training our minds to change our selves (which is also the theme of our retreat in June).

Thursday Afternoons

1:30 - 3 pm


You are invited to a join a regular weekly reading and discussion of the book Tantra by Geshe Tashi Tsering. This group is aimed at increasing our benefit from the Tantra initiations being offered by HH the 42nd Sakya Trizin in Olympia July 9-11, 2019. Sonam Dorje, who is already involved with the Saturday book study groups, will join us as an expert resource.

Tantra (Wisdom Publications; volume 6 in The Foundations of Buddhist Thought) is written for a contemporary reader. The jacket says, Anticipating the many questions Westerners have upon first encountering tantra's colorful imagery and veiled language, Tantra uses straight talk to explain deities, initiations, mandalas, and the body's subtle physiology of channels and chakras.  Please obtain your own copy of the book - Nalanda is not providing them.

For more information call either Bob Harris 360-352-2819 or Jan Vleck 360-584-5972.

Green Tara Group

2nd Sunday of each month
NOTE: JUNE SCHEDULE CHANGE - We will meet June 16
12:15 - 1:45 pm

Meditation, Music, Mantras, and Movement

The Tara Circle is a wonderful way to engage body, voice, and mind. Moving to recorded music, our Tara Circle learns hand mudras and movements to bring bliss and joy.  We move then we 'sit' for 20 minutes.

This practice follows the second Sunday 'Long Sits'.

For information, contact Kim Abbey at 206-387-6134 (phone or text).

The Nalanda Study Group

1st & 3rd Saturday of the Month
1 - 3 pm

You're Invited!

Come and try out this friendly ongoing book group, guided by Sonam Dorje.  Each book will be discussed at alternate sessions.  You may read either or both (and attend either 1st or 3rd Saturdays, or both as you choose).  Typically the group reads aloud, then discusses, so it's low pressure.  Books are not available through Nalanda.

1st Saturdays: The Sun of Wisdom by Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, a commentary on Nagarjuna’s Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way.

3rd Saturdays: Being Nobody Going Nowhere by Ayya Khema, contemporary clear, practical instruction on meditation and techniques for overcoming counterproductive mental habits and beliefs in our daily lives.

Extended Sitting

2nd Sunday of the Month
9 am

Long Meditation

Are you curious to try out longer meditation sessions?  Come to the monthly long sit, where the conditions are highly conducive to practice: you will be with other meditators and surrounded by a beautiful dharma center!  Mark your calendar for the second Sunday each month.

Celebrate Enlightenment

9 am -

Enlightenment Day Activities

Loppon Jamyang will be at Nalanda all day (9 AM - 4 PM) to celebrate Enlightenment Day.  Expect a spontaneous schedule for much of the day, but he plans to offer Refuge Vows starting at 10 AM.  We will auspiciously replace the vertical prayer flags (and pole!) in the front yard, which should be fun.  Other activities will include chanting, meditation, discussion, impromptu teaching, and maybe a picnic!  Mark your calendar and stay tuned.

Take Refuge

10 am

Refuge Ceremony

Loppon Jamyang will offer a Refuge Ceremony at 10 AM during celebration of Enlightenment Day at Nalanda.  This is good opportunity if you wish to take (or re-take) refuge in a formal way, surrounded by spiritual friends who can encourage you along the path.  It's also good preparation for the upcoming Chakrasamvara Empowerment.  Show your respect for the Dharma by dressing up neatly.  Events will be taking place at Nalanda all day, between 9 am and 4 pm.

Loppon Jamyang Teaching at Sakya Monaster

10 am - noon &
Jamyang & Thangka 200dpi

All-Encompassing Aspirations of Samantabhadra

Our own beloved teacher is giving a special two-part teaching at Sakya Monastery on "the King of Prayers".  This aspiration text is based on Bodhisattva Samantabhadra and is commonly recited as a Bodhisattva aspiration either individually or collectively in a large gathering to instill personal and global peace.  Suggested donations for non-members $50 both talks, $30 for one. Online registration .

His Holiness the 42nd Sakya Trizin Offers Empowerments

HH The 42nd Sakya Trizen
Courtesy of ©2011 Sakya Thinley Rinchen Ling


His Holiness the 42nd Sakya Trizin will bestow two major Vajrayana empowerments in Olympia!  Plans are falling into place for this auspicious visit by the head of the Sakya Order.  Because the time of the arrival of His Holiness is undetermined, we have not made definite plans for a public talk or other formal welcome activities on Monday, July 8.  Stay tuned....  But the initiations are set!  Events include:

  • The Preliminary Initiation:
    at Chua Lien Hoa, 1911 12th Av NE, Olympia 98506.
  • Main Chakrasamvara Empowerment: at Chua Lien Hoa.
  • Guru Yoga of Sapan-Manjushri Initiation: at Nalanda.  Note - Chakrasamvara or other highest tantra empowerment is required.
  • Departure Ceremony: His Holiness will depart for Seattle directly after the Thursday initiation.  Please come to Nalanda for a brief heartfelt departure ceremony.

The initiation will require advance ticketing.  See registration instructions.   The donation levels are set to cover our direct expenses.  We expect many out-of-town participants to sign up for the Chakrasamvara initiation.

Are you wondering if this is for you?  Geshe-la encourages everyone who has felt value in attending Thursday evenings, Saturdays (Chenrezig, book groups), and other events like retreats or guest teachers, to attend and receive the empowerments.

This is a very significant event for Nalanda!  It is a rare privilege for such a small Dharma Center to host teachings and initiations by such an important High Lama.

3rd Annual North America Sakya Monlam for World Peace

9 am - 5 pm All Three Days

This important event will take place at The Lynnwood Convention Center, immediately following our visit by His Holiness the Sakya Trizin. On Friday at 8:30 AM a traditional welcoming procession will greet His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trichen, His Holiness the 42nd Sakya Trizin and all the eminent Dungsey Rinpoches. This will be a fabulous cultural event and an opportunity to see and greet past, present, and future Sakya throneholders.

All are welcome to attend the Monlam. This event is free & open to the public.



Selected Teachings from Nalanda

Some of Geshe Jamyang Tsultrim's teachings on the first Thursday of each month as well as teachings from Nalanda's Retreats are now available online at Talks.